Essentials of Tibetan Buddhism: A very complete cycle of teachings from preliminary practices through Highest Yoga Tantra and Dzogchen Trekcho and Togal based on the root text of Padmasambhava on the six bardos of (1) this life, (2) dreams, (3) meditation, (4) dying, (5) Dharmata, and (6) becoming. This series of courses prepares householders with a solid background in practice to advance to the highest levels of practice in this lifetime. No other practices are needed. Prerequisite: Part 7 recommended. Transmission: Natural Liberation recommended. Empowerment: Shitro (100 Peaceful and Wrathful Buddhas of the Bardo) recommended.

Essentials Part 8—Concludes the Path of Great Perfection with additional training in the practices of trekcho and togal, as well as the view of wisdom of the Great Perfection and a summary of the Buddhist views of enlightenment.