Rigdzin Dupa - The Gathering of Vidyadharas: This 6-week course examines this key text from Jigme Lingpa's terma, Longchen Nyingtik. The text includes commentaries from several authors that address the sadhana, the empowerment, and other details of practice. The course will focus primarily on the translation of the sadhana in the text as well as an Ati Yoga version based on the text. "Jigme Lingpa writes that this text is entitled Rigdzin Dupa, the Gathering of Vidyadharas, because all the deitites of the six yogas and the vidyadharas--fully accomplished adepts--of India and Tibet are present in it as guests". The steps in the practice are: 

1) Introduction to the true nature of mind - the sky-like awareness (rigpa), free from fixation

2) Let the mandala arise as the natural radiance of the awareness through meditations on (a) emptiness essence, (b) seed syllables, (c) forms of the deities, and (d)the vajra syllables of the deities

3) Meditate on approaching the deity by seeing, hearing, and feeling their forms, sounds, and dharmakaya; radiation and absorption

4) Meditate on realizing the accomplishments by focusing on the mantra garland that merges into wisdom--union of bliss and emptiness

5) Dissolve the mandala into the great wisdom free from concepts, the indivisibility of awareness and emptiness; remaining in it, as it is.

Text: The Gathering of Vidyadharas, trans. Gyurme Avertin

Prerequisite: Rigzin Dupa empowerment (or other Highest Yoga Tantra empowerment)

Videos: Khenpo Drimed Dawa (Khenpo Dean)